FAQs about Physical Therapy

By HealthPro Wellness
April 28, 2020
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The chiropractors at HealthPro Wellness in Houma, LA in offer help for a range of conditions, from back pain to neuromuscular disorders to post-surgery recovery. If you're wondering whether you need our help, read on to find some ways to decide when it's time to come into our Houma office for physical therapy:

How long have you been in pain or discomfort?
If you've been in pain for longer than a couple of days--especially if you've already been resting and icing the painful body part--then it's a good idea to get a professional opinion.

Is the pain a recurring one?
Sometimes the pain will go away for a while but come back. This can be a sign of a serious injury and should be looked at.

Is the pain or injury sudden?
If you're unable all of a sudden to walk up the stairs, definitely seek out medical care. Likewise, if you experience acute injury--if you had a fall and now you can't sit up without pain--it's a good idea to find a professional.

Are medications not making a dent in the pain?
If over-the-counter painkillers aren't doing anything to help, then it's important to seek out a professional, who can address the underlying problem and help manage the pain.

Is this impacting your daily life?
If your pain or discomfort is enough that your routine is impacted, then it's worth making the effort to regain your previous lifestyle.

Remember, when it comes to pain, there's no benefit to "toughing it out". If you neglect an injury or a painful body part and try to work through it, oftentimes that will only lead to another injury or exacerbating your current condition. So get it treated!

Tired of being in pain? Call HealthPro Wellness in Houma, LA at (985) 872-5777 today to see how our chiropractors can help you feel better.