Haydel Chiropractic

Neck pain, headaches, back pain, pain in the arms and legs …these silent thieves can take the best parts of your life. Haydel Chiropractic offers experienced, knowledgeable staff, the latest diagnostic equipment and the effective treatment you need for a pain-free living. We are a full service chiropractic center helping to heal a wide variety of injuries. At Haydel Chiropractic, Dr. Patrick Haydel is proud to be the only chiropractor in the tri-parish area to offer Spinal Decompression, Aqua Massage, Manipulation Under Anestheshia,  Ideal Protein Medical Weight Loss and Physical Therapy Services.

We accept most major types of insurance as well as personal injury cases, worker’s comp cases and cash payment plans. Stop in and stop living in pain.

Meet Dr. Patrick S. Haydel

Dr. Patrick Haydel comes from a long and populated medical lineage. Since early childhood, Dr. Haydel began to experience the quality care of patients through his Grandfather’s work, Dr. H. L. Haydel, M.D… This doctor/patient care observance continued with his father as a general surgeon, Dr. K. G. Haydel, M.D., and 4 Uncles (3 doctors, 1 pharmacist) all in the medical profession. Even more direct family medical experience came in the form of his 3 older brothers (2 anesthesiologists, 1 orthopedic surgeon) and 4 sisters who are nurses.

Dr. Haydel was led into the healthcare profession where he has found a great interest by providing quality chiropractic care to thousands of patients in Houma and the surrounding areas each year. Coming from such an established medical history, where the Haydel family collectively see hundreds of patients DAILY, has given Dr. Patrick Haydel a great advantage in his administering of patient care on a personal level. Dr. Haydel joins his family in a mission to return people to wellness and pain free living. He has developed and created a “one stop shop” which offers a wide variety of services and products to improve quality of life at HealthPRO Wellness Center.

Curriculum Vitae of Patrick S. Haydel, D. C.

Education :

Vandebilt Catholic High School
Houma, Louisiana
Graduated, 1984

Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Graduated, 1989
Bachelor of Science in Microbiology

Parker College of Chiropractic
Dallas, Texas — Graduated 1993
Bachelor of Science in Human Anatomy

Business :

Haydel Chiropractic
January, 1995 to present
501 Barrow Street, Houma, Louisiana 70360

HealthPRO Physical Therapy
January, 1998 to present
501 Barrow Street, Houma, Louisiana 70360

HealthPRO Wellness Center
April 2002 to present
501 Barrow Street, Houma, Louisiana 70360

Organizations :

Louisiana Union of Chiropractic Physicians
American Chiropractic Association — October 1, 1994
Terrebonne Chamber of Commerce
Better Business Bureau
Heart Run — Member of the Board of Directors
Fundraiser for Gov. Bobby Jindal - 2007
Gov. Bobby Jindal - Transition Team January 2008

Continuing Education :

Dr. Haydel continues his chiropractic education
by attending a minimum of twelve (12) classroom
or seminar hours per calendar year.
All continuing education seminars or classes
attended by Dr. Haydel are available upon request.

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