Non-Medical Home Care

Non-Medical Home Care

Aging is just a part of life and as we get older we often realize that we can’t always do a lot of the same things that we once could. Of course, most people want to be able to stay in the comfort of their own homes but they need a little help in order to make that possible. This is where HealthPro Wellness comes in.

HealthPro Wellness provides non-medical home care to those who are elderly, dealing with physical and mental disabilities, or those who just require a little extra support and care around the home. Non-medical care makes it possible for you or someone you love to get the proper attention and at-home non-medical care they need to continue to safely live within their own home.

There are multiple ways in which non-medical home care can assist you or a loved one. Our caregivers here at HealthPro Wellness can come in and provide assistance for normal everyday activities such as bathing and personal hygiene, getting dressed, eating and other day-to-day chores. We can also provide assistance with some homebound tasks such as laundry, cleaning, meal preparation and even shopping, which might be more challenging to perform then it once was. Those who are housebound or aren’t able to drive can also turn to our non-medical home care to assist in running errands or making it to their doctor’s appointments on time.

We also understand that being in the home day in and day out without other people around can get rather lonely. HealthPro Wellness can also provide companionship for someone who wouldn’t otherwise experience it. Along with offering help and taking on the burden of common daily activities, our non-medical home care assistants can also provide the social company that everyone deserves. Knowing that you have someone in the home everyday that can make it easier to move around and perform all of your necessary daily tasks can be the wonderful comfort you need to continue staying in your home for as long as possible.

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